Why Youth Pitching Tips and Practice are Important for All Youth

“Are you pitching with him in the backyard?” is a common question I ask of parents of young baseball players. “No, he is not a pitcher.” “Doesn’t matter,” I respond, it can only help.” Youth who do not pitch usually do not get enough throwing, so having non-pitchers work on pitching is valuable. Also, pitching without a batter is fun for most kids because there is no intimidation factor. Pitching helps develop solid throwing mechanics and arm strength. It is important work for youth, whether they pitch a day in their life or not.

It is rare for non-pitching youth to play into their teenage years because pitching is a sign of a strong arm. Without a strong arm, advancement very far in the game is rare. Pitching training and the youth pitching tips often help the non-pitchers as much or more than the regular hurler. Practicing pitching is one of the best ways to develop the arm speed and arm strength to advance in the game. Most important, players with incorrect arm action and step direction when throwing can solve accuracy and sore arms with pitching practice.

Many advantages of youth pitching tips for position players exist, including:

  1. Pitching fundamentals can develop throwing mechanics quicker than telling kids what to do. They will begin to translate what they do on the mound to playing catch and when throwing in the field.
  2. Specifically, pitching instruction establishes the throwing fundamentals of direction and footwork. Pitchers set their foot perpendicular to the target and point their front elbow at the target. Both of those actions produce an active front side, necessary for correct throwing. Those actions alone are reason enough for all youth to work on pitching and pitching drills.
  3. Body control is crucial for pitching. The balance necessary to deliver the pitched ball is also valuable for every throw from every position on the field.
  4. Pitchers develop a small focus. That focus helps accuracy for making throws across the diamond.
  5. Pitching training makes practice more exciting for youth than just going out and throwing.
  6. Baseball pitching drills lead to correct and extra throwing, which builds much-needed arm strength. A bonus may be that they may develop the arm strength to pitch one day, as I have seen that scenario many times over the years.
  7. Watching pitching videos with those players can help give players an idea of the fluidity, rhythm and balance that goes into throwing a baseball.

    Youth Pitching Tips

    Youth Pitching Tips

  8. Another bonus to pitching instruction is learning the proper pitch to throw in each count. This knowledge may help baseball players when hitting, as it gives them an idea of how pitchers think and how they try to set up hitters.
  9. When not having to face hitters, players tend to throw their hardest without the worry of drilling batters. They can then focus on speed and accuracy. Many youth pitchers ease up in games when facing batters, and that is not helpful.
  10. Pitching drills for youth baseball may tire pitchers arms, but non-pitchers have less worry of arm fatigue because they do not have to pitch in games.

Youth baseball pitching drills may change a players’ natural arm action. Youth pitching tips are important for all players and the changing the arm slot may be for the best in the long run. Finally, care and rest is always necessary when arm soreness develop

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