Quit Wasting Your Money on Baseball Hitting Instruction When…

There is a good chance you are wasting your money on baseball hitting instruction. The good news is that even people, with little baseball knowledge, can tell whether the baseball hitting coach is worth their money, with a little observation.

Unfortunately and more often than not, baseball hitting instructors are not worth the money. I hate to be pessimistic when it comes to baseball coaches, who work hard and have great intentions as a paid, baseball hitting coach, but years of observing hitting coaches have left me no option. Additionally, I do not want to pretend that I know it all, as it took me years of studying and working with hitters to learn and see the fundamentals, even though I was a good enough hitter to play major league ball.

Top Tip for Knowing a Knowledgeable Baseball Hitting Coach – so you are not wasting money on baseball hitting instruction

Coaches can talk hitting style all they want, but the best hitters in baseball, now and as far back as baseball has been around, hit with the same basic swing. For proof, people should watch a major league game, closely observe batters, and especially notice where their bat begins its swing. They will notice that 98% of all hitters start the swing from very close to the same, correct spot, and those that do not, are generally the ones with low batting averages.

With that in mind, a few of my commonly used statements allude to the necessity of this bat position. “The correct starting position does not make one a good hitter, but it provides the only chance of becoming one.” “The incorrect starting position leads to all other hitting fundamental mistakes, sooner or later, guaranteed.” “The fastest hip turn in the world is of little use, when the bat is not on the correct path to the ball.”

In order to have that correct baseball swing, the bat must begin in the correct hitting position, when the stride foot lands. The correct baseball swing starts with the knob of the bat pointed down towards the catchers feet, with the bat barrel lined up over the rear shoulder and angled through the batters ear. Failure to teach the correct start position of the bat makes most of the other important hitting fundamentals useless; at least when players begin to reach the more challenging levels of baseball. 

Therein lays the key to whether you have a baseball hitting coach worthy of your money. When observing a baseball hitting coach, if they allow the batter to swing continually from the wrong, bat-starting position, there is a great chance the baseball hitting instruction you are paying for is a waste.

Once again, most baseball hitting instructors have good intentions, but are either too inexperienced or simply do not know their stuff. Until they learn and you observe them insisting on the correct hitting position as the stride foot lands, do not waste your money on the baseball hitting instruction. After all, all you can ask for is that your young player has a chance to be a successful hitter by learning this basic of hitting.


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