You can add power to your baseball swing but it takes another kind of power too – will power

Want to add power to your baseball swing? Who does not? and there is no magic formula or easy solution for doing that. It takes a determined player, who is willing to put in the work. If you are that type player, you can add power to your baseball swing by doing a number of things that build bat speed, which results in increased power. Of course, having home run power is usually only for good-sized players, but all hitters can increase their bat speed, leading to balls going further.

You can add power to your baseball swing in these ways.

add power to your baseball swing

Add power to your baseball swing

  1. Work with an experienced hitting coach to get a fundamentally sound swing – there is no substitute for the fundamentals, as power is useless when hitters cannot square balls up correctly.
  2. Emphasize the thrust of the big muscles of the body – the rear end, hips and upper thighs – by staying back behind ball though swing finish.
  3. Keep the upper body, especially the head, in over the ball through the swing, as power comes from staying close to the ball.
  4. Stand closer to home, as pulled balls generally go further and being closer gives batters more pitches to pull.
  5. Swing at pitches up in the zone, before the two-strike count, as it is easier to lift pitches up in the zone.

Additional ways to add power to your baseball swing

  1. Swing the bat at least four days a week with a minimum of 100 swings each day. Hand strength and hip rotation increase as players perform the swing actions more. Some players’ bat speed increase comes more quickly than others do, but it will show up with this consistent training method. Players should gradually work up to the 100-swing mark, and older players can take up to 150 swings a day. It is important to have rest days from swinging, too.
  2. Use overload, under load training for some of those 100 swings a day. Combining the increased strength of swinging a heavier bat (overload training) with the increased bat speed of swinging a lighter bat (under load training) will add power to your baseball swing.
  3. Weight train in the off season and during the season – the off season training should be under supervision of a strength coach, at least initially, to build long term strength and in season strength training is for quicker recovery time for tired muscles.


It is important to realize that going only for power sometimes comes at the expense of batting average, so coaches should help players determine what type hitter best suits them, but adding bat speed for any hitter is a good thing.

Even though all hitters can increase power, many have physical limitations that do not allow them to be power hitters. Finally, one definition for baseball hitting power is the ability to hit ground balls hard enough to get through infielders.

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