Year of the Tribe – Then and Now

Maybe this year, 2017, will turn out to be the year of the tribe. It would be nice for the city and organization after coming so close last year. This season’s twenty two-game win streak sure was thrilling to witness. I am not sure we even won two in a row back with my time with the Indians. Things just seemed to fall apart for me and the team. If want to read about our stadium in 1982, click here, it typified my play there.

Year of the Tribe

Jack – Young and believing


At the start of the 1982 season, there was such hope and enthusiasm as you will hear in this interview of some of the new Indians’ players, including me. We surely believed it would be the year of the tribe when the Cleveland Indians would put it all together and not be their usual also-ran selfs.


I had just been traded to the Indians that offseason and was out to prove I belonged in the major leagues, along with wanting to turn the tribe into a World Series team. That is always the goal at season’s beginning, no matter how overmatched a team may be. We had hope with a retooled team of some new young players and seasoned veterans. 1982 would surely be the year of the tribe.

It all came crashing down quickly for me. I stunk it up and had to be the worst player in the big leagues that year. This interview may have been the highlight of my time in Cleveland. Oh, how I wish I could have a chance to do it all again with what I know now. Haha, it doesn’t work that way. At least, my interview went smooth, even though my time there was anything but that.

So cool to see old friends, Chris Bando, Jerry Dybzinski, and Von Hayes.

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