Why I Write – Check the News

Sometimes I wonder why I write about the importance of being a positive sports coach. After all, most adults, who volunteer to coach, have great intentions, are hardworking, and are good role models for kids, whether they know the game or not. However, it does not take me long to realize why I write about positive sports coaching.

I use the Google, as most of us do, and I get the alerts about baseball coaching. Usually, a couple of positive sports coaching articles pop up, as so and so is getting inducted into the local coaching Hall of Fame, and other cool and positive stories of sport coaches. Often however, equal amounts of stories say, “Coach suspended for alleged abusive behavior,” and “Coach resigns, investigation continues.” Stories as these show up every day, not just occasionally, and as mentioned, this is only under the baseball coaching alerts. I can only imagine the amount of stories if I was googling coaching for every youth sport. 

Why I Write – It’s not just One

Ok you say, but that is only one or two bad egg coaches. Sure, but one sports coach affects many athletes and it only takes one bad sports coach to disrupt a great many lives. I realize that if I help one sports coach to have a better perspective it has been worthwhile because, as implied, it is not just helping that coach, it helps everyone they meet around the playing fields. Why I write is because if I help influence just one coach to turn from negative to positive coaching, it helps many kids have a better sport experience, the goal of youth sports.

Additionally, those kids are children of somebody out there, and probably somebody you know. So with the idea of helping someone you know, we are all in this together. All sports parents must stay on top of things, so those many kids are not negatively affect by just one coach. What can sports parents do? Insist there are background checks for coaches in their leagues, and insist their leagues have training sessions for coaches on how to deal with youth. Maybe suggest the league coaches read positive coaching blogs like mine here, something that tells the sports coach you want the best for kids.

Why I Write – Been there, Seen that

Your next question – What makes me such an expert? I am not, just someone who has had a lot of experience around the playing, coaching, and parenting world of sport, and enough experience to write a two hundred-page book on giving parents some suggestions for dealing with youth sports related issues they encounter. Just hope to influence that one coach, and maybe more, so kids have a sporting chance.

For more on my book, Raising an Athlete, click here.

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