Respect for the Game

What is respect for the game? This is another of the concepts that people around youth sports agree is important, but few know what the meaning. To many, it is just a term. Without knowing exactly what it entails, implementing what is respect for the game it is not possible.

Respect for the game is more than sportsmanship. It’s a valuable lesson about integrity that applies beyond sports. Respect for the game is how a player approaches playing and relationships. These actions also include how people behave when watching games and role model conduct should begin with the adults. It’s about having class, and it extends to everyone. Teammates, opposing players, coaches, fans, and officials are all accountable for their behavior.

Coaches have the responsibility of making sure everyone acts in ethical ways. That assurance starts with the coach’s example. You can do this by knowing what respect is, showing it yourself, and passing that knowledge to others. We can keep honor in the game when adults make sure the games are about the players and by never drawing negative attention away from the action. Ethical sports conduct starts with recognizing when it breaks down.

Here are your weekly printable tips to understand what respect entails.

What is respect for the game infographic

What is Respect for the Game

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