Saturday Secrets to Great Baseball Coaching 

Video Doesn’t Lie and Helps make Coaching Baseball Easier

Anything that helps make coaching baseball easier is something all baseball coaches are for, I’m sure. This one method below does make coaching baseball easier and is quite easy to do in a short amount f time because of the technological age we are in.

 I have had this conversation many times.

Me – “Turn the knob of your bat down”

Player – “It is down”

Me – “Not it’s not, it’s pointing out”

Player – “It is down”

Me – “Want to bet?” – just kidding of course, but there is no winning sometimes, unless?

I pull out my phone and quickly film the player and show him his knob of the bat is not pointed in the right direction.

Using video to make coaching baseball easier

Of course, most ball players are not stubborn to change, they just do not understand what the coach is trying to get them to do. The easy answer, especially in this day and age, is the ability to film and watch without wasting much time. Coaches should use this video age to help coach baseball. It solves a lot of time in the end because the famous saying, “The video doesn’t lie” is true, as is a picture tells a thousand words.

Additionally, many players are visual learners rather than verbal ones, which make sense with the technical nature of the game, so it is a great way to make coaching baseball easier in that way, too.

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