How to Coach Baseball Hitting – It’ s an Art

Teaching ballplayers how to hit a baseball is an at that requires knowledge, patience and camaraderie between player and coach. This hoe to teach hitting video gives an understanding of how relationship building is the first step with teaching hitting. This video gives coaches and players relate hitting techniques to visual thoughts not related to hitting.

Examples of the visuals in this how to teach hitting include the following.


  1. Needing a lot of heart to be a good hitter = a lion.
  2. Grittiness – a tiger
  3. Bat grip – holding a cellphone
  4. Plate Coverage – full plate of chicken wings – yum, yum
  5. Hitting balance – kid on a high wire
  6. Steady worker – a mule
  7. Over anxious player – a cheetah
  8. Ultimate focus – wolf eyes
  9. No fear – a leopard
  10. Getting back to hit – a bow and arrow
  11. A baseball swing – airplane landing

This video also contains numerous hitting drills that give coaches methods for how to coach baseball hitting and solve hitting problems.


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