Ever since the first baseball uniforms were introduced by the New York Knickerbockers (the first organized baseball team, led by one of the founders of modern baseball) on the 4th of April, 1849, baseball uniforms have been going through some changes, and they influencing and changing fashion trends as they do. And one of the most important pieces of a baseball uniform is the baseball pants. Today, there are three main types or designs of baseball pants that you and your teammates can choose from – solid design, pinstriped design (those famous vintage baseball pants that refuse to go out of fashion), and piped design.

Whatever design you choose to go for, all three designs have some common features that make for a good pair of baseball pants.

Features of Good Baseball Pants

As you hunt for your next pair of baseball pants, here are a few features you should consider to make sure you get the best. After all, buying a pair of baseball pants is not at all like buying your normal everyday pants. Baseball pants serve a special purpose, and as such, they need to have special features that enable them to do so effectively.

1. Reinforcement

There’s no greater joy on earth (or any other planet for that matter) than sliding into home plate. And there’s no worse pain than having to leave the game because you got hurt doing it. That’s why you need to get a good pair of baseball pants that have padding in all the right places. A good pair like Under Armour’s Clean Up baseball pants, which I’ll be reviewing shortly because they are amazing (and you need to know).

A good pair of baseball pants will have reinforcements at the knees, and at the rear to allow you to have glorious moments as you play the world’s favorite game. This will prevent you from being bruised or even cut as you play and also protects your pants from damage. Many baseball pants have inadequate padding that leads to them getting damaged easily and players getting some nasty bruises. Make sure you get adequate reinforcement on your baseball pants, lest you be an unfortunate statistic.

2. Hem Style

When it comes to baseball pants, there are two types of hems you can choose from, and they determine your look on the field.

  • Closed hem style. The closed-hem is made from elastic materials and is preferred by those who like to keep their pants at a certain length. If you want to wear your pants right below your knees (which is a classic and favorite style), you can achieve it much easier with a closed hem.
  • Open hem style. In this style, your baseball pants sit right above your cleats. This is a more comfortable and casual style. The advantage of the open hem styled baseball pants is that you can also wear your pants in a closed hem by rolling them up in a special way, meaning you get two looks out of one pair of pants.

So which hem style do you fancy? If you are undecided, just go for Under Armour’s Clean Up baseball pants and wear them both ways.

3. Moisture Wicking

One of every sports person’s enemies is sweat. It leads to discomfort and hinders your performance.  Thankfully, modern fabric technology has found a way of dealing with that problem for you – moisture wicking. Moisture-wicking fabrics “wick moisture away”, or draw sweat away from your body into the atmosphere, leaving you and your pants dry and comfortable.

As you look for baseball pants, make sure to get a pair made from synthetic materials that have excellent moisture wicking properties. You’ll be glad you did, especially in the heat of the game.

The Under Armour Clean Up Baseball Pants Review

When it comes to sports equipment, there is one name that wipes the floor with their competition –Under Armour. Under Armour, founded by avid sportsman Kevin Plank in 1996, is a business that understands all your sporting needs and has a mission to help properly equip you no matter what your sporting code is.

Founded by a passionate sportsman with a vision of providing the best sportswear for professional athletes, Under Armour is a brand that has been fast rising in the world of sportswear. Featured in a couple of blockbuster movies and having played a prominent role in outfitting the ill-fated XFL league in 2001 (just 5 years after launching as a brand), Under Armour has certainly proven that though they may be a new kid on the block, they are truly a force to reckon with.

And that is why you should trust them to supply your next pair of baseball pants – the Under Armour Clean Up. Why the Clean Up? Let me show you why?

Design and Construction

If you are looking for a stylish, modern looking pair of baseball pants, then the Under Armour Clean Up series is exactly what you are looking for. Under Armour broke the norm with these baseball pants by deviating from traditional styles and going their own unique way with the Clean Up, and their gamble paid off. These baseball pants are a hit.

Made from Under Armour’s special polyester called “HeatGear”, the Clean Up series of baseball pants are super light and super tough, giving you the confidence to play to the best of abilities. Sporting 7 tapered pro-style belt loops, a brass zipper, and double front enclosure, the Under Armour Clean Up baseball pants look so cool the ladies will drool over you as you don these solid style baseball pants. And for an added bonus, the Under Armour Clean Up baseball pants have very ergonomically angled double welted back pockets.

On a scale of 1-5, the Under Armour Clean Up baseball pants get a well-deserved score of 5/5.

Strength and Durability

Because of their design and the material used to make the Under Armour Clean Up baseball pants, you can be assured that these pants will serve you well for a long time. Not only is the fabric itself durable, but the Clean Up also features double layer knee reinforcements that add to the strength and durability of the pants. Yes, that means you can slide as much as you want and these pants will still keep going.

If you are looking for baseball pants that can survive even the most intense of games without embarrassing you with a rip, then the Clean Up series from Under Armour should be on top of your list of top baseball pants to look out for. That is the reason many teams are opting to go to Under Armour for their kit, it is a trusted brand that offers reliable products.

For strength and durability, the Under Armour Clean Up baseball pants definitely deserve a perfect score of 5/5.

Comfort and Fit

Nothing is as annoying as an ill-fitting uniform, especially on game day. Thankfully, with the Under Armour Clean Up baseball pants, comfort comes as part of the package. The lightweight fabric feels so soothing on your skin, while the loose fitting design makes for a comfortable fit.

For added comfort during the hot summer heat, the Under Armour Clean Up baseball pants have excellent moisture wicking properties, thanks to Under Armour’s patented Moisture Transport System that effectively draws the sweat away from your body and expels it into the air. This leaves you feeling fresh, cool, and comfortable enough to play for extended periods of time without having to change your pants.

If there is one thing Under Armour has been doing well, it is researching and implementing the best ways to make you feel comfortable in your sports kit, and the Clean Up series of baseball pants is a clear testament of their successful advanced technological advancements in this area.

Although these are open hemmed baseball pants, you can easily convert them into closed hemmed styled pants if you so wish, and that in a very easy to do manner. This practically makes the Under Armour Clean Up baseball pants two pants in one, adding to the value you get for the money you spend on them.

For comfort that is unparalleled in baseball pants, the Under Armour Clean Up series should be your first port of call. If I could give these baseball pants a score above 5 for comfort and fit, I would give them a 10. They are just that comfortable.

Under Armour Clean Up Baseball Pants Overview – They Don’t Strike Out Easily

When you invest in Under Armour’s Clean Up baseball pants, you would have invested in a pair of baseball pants that won’t strike out prematurely. They will remain in the game with you for a long time. For a $29.99 pair of baseball pants, that is real value for money.

The combination of durability, comfort, added protection and style definitely makes these baseball pants a must add to your baseball kit.

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