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How to Be a Winning Coach , Win or Lose

Not every team can win the championship. That does not mean that every other team is losers. Many teams actually play up to their potential, but do not have the talent to win. Good coaches have certain traits of winners that they pass on to their teams, win or lose. In this way, teams develop these “traits of winners” that help kids build self-esteem and help them in their futures beyond the ball fields. What are those two traits of winners?

2 Traits of Winning Coaches

  1. They never stop trying to find a way

Winning Coaches:

A. Encourage and expect teams to play “all out” for the entire game, no matter the score

B. Never becoming satisfied when teams do not play up to their potential

C. Continue to look for opportunities to help players improve and look for ways to win games.

2. They teach teams to act like winners even when losing

Winning Coaches

A. Coach sportsmanship – never letting players disrespect other teams, officials or the game, itself

B. Coach Teamwork – showing players what “team” means and how to have each other’s back

C. Coach class – teaching players to hold their heads high, even after defeat

D. Treat everyone around the game including, parents, opposing coaches, umpires and league officialls with respect and insist that their players show the same respect

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