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Disadvantages of Two Strike Hitting

I often ask young baseball players if they want to be known as a good two-strike hitters. Of course, they answer yes to this trick question. It is a trick question because it is better to be good at it than the alternative. However, hitters, who are often faced with two strike hitting, are at a huge disadvantage because they are at the mercy of the pitcher, in a sense, and they have the entire plate to cover

two strike hitting

Widen stance with two strike hitting

Pitchers have an even bigger advantage when they have two strikes on batters, so it doesn’t’ generally pay to be in the two strike hitting situation too often. Of course, it is not a completely avoidable situation so hitters may as well become good at it.

Advantage of Good Two Strike Hitting

There is no mystery as to the advantage of contact with two strikes. Players, who put the ball in play more often, hit for a higher average, even when not making solid contact. Teams that make contact more often keep the pressure on the defense and win more games, especially at the youth baseball level.

Two Strike Hitting Approach and Techniques

Batters Should

  1. Think about hitting the ball back through the middle – this thought process prevents players form over swinging and pulling off the ball
  2. Choke up a little on the bat to have better bat control – players, who are prone to striking out, should especially consider this two strike hitting technique
  3. Widen the stance and/or use a no stride approach – the less moving parts keeps the head and eye steady which is best for making contact
Other Two Strike Hitting Techniques

       4. Use their hands more with their swing than their hips – this method also prevents over swinging with the big muscles of the body

       5.  Look fastball and adjust to off speed pitches – this is a better alternative than guessing because fast balls are the most common pitch and hitters, who wait for the ball can make that adjustment

       6. Increase their awareness and fear level – good two-strike hitters heighten their awareness of the ball and have a fear of striking out, which helps heighten the awareness

Along the lines of number one, it is often best that batters protect the outer half of plate in order to keep the front side in on the ball and to be able to adjust to curve balls.

As ball players move up to higher baseball levels, they, with help from coaches, learn to hit based on the game situation and their hitting strengths. There are game situations that could use an extra base hit or homerun, and power hitters may risk the strikeout to hit one of those.

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