Saturday Secrets to Great Baseball Coaching

Must Know Baseball Coaching Tips

Of course, there are many more than two baseball-coaching tips that youth baseball coaches must teach. However, if nothing else, they should know the following two baseball coaching tips for every position in order to help players develop and win games. Keeping things simple, as these, is often all the in-game coaching needed, too, as most coaching tips should be saved for practices. 

Two Key Baseball Coaching Tips

Hitting – See the ball, maintain balance – Two keys to hitting are timing and good hitting fundamentals, so having kids focus on seeing the ball and keeping balance are the good cues to those.

Base Running – Know the number of outs and know the fielders’ positioning before the pitch. Those two base running tips are crucial for making good decisions when the ball is in play, with knowing where the ball is, once in play, then necessary.

Pitcher – Keep a good rhythm between pitches and field your position. Of course, every pitcher’s goal is to throw strikes, so that goes without saying. Keeping rhythm and being ready to field after releasing balls, helps players stay in the moment, without rushing or over throwing.

Catchers – Maintain balance and receive the ball. Nothing ruins a good youth baseball game more than having a catcher who cannot catch balls and/or one who is constantly going to the backstop to retrieve balls. The catching position begins with balance and soft hands.

First base – Have the correct foot on the base and do not stretch too soon. Most throws at first base involve the opposite from the glove hand foot on the base and the key to catching “catchable” balls is to stretch after seeing the flight of the ball.

Middle Infielders – Fingers up around the base and release the ball from as close to where catching the ball as possible. Hands are ready with the fingers in the up position and quickest for releasing balls in that manner. Additionally, throwing balls form close to catching position saves the most amount of time to turn double plays and get outs on close plays.

Third Base – Stay low, keep the ball in front – It’s called the hot corner for a reason and players must stay low and try to square balls up, so they can keep the ball in front of them, .when they still have a shot at getting guys out by knocking it down.

Outfielders – Backup and get rid of the ball. Outfielders must learn that their first responsibility, unless the ball is in their area, is to back up all thrown and batted balls. Secondly, knowing where to go with balls immediately is crucial for good outfield play and for keeping runners from taking extra bases.

Once again, there is so much more to good baseball coaching, but these are the most essential baseball coaching tips caoches should teach.

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