Saturday Secrets to Great Baseball Coaching – Safety First

First Baseball Coaching Responsibility


Coaches have many responsibilities, even at the youth baseball level. However, of all those responsibilities, the one baseball coaching responsibility that is most important is the safety of the players. Inexperienced coaches must know some basics of baseball coaching so a major injury does not occur out of coaching negligence. It is not unheard of for parents to sue leagues or coaches because coaches fail this necessary coaching responsibility.

 Fact – being hit by a ball or bat hurts. 

coaching responsibility

First baseball coaching responsibility is safety

Fact – running into another player usually results in injury to one or both players.

Fact – baseball coaches are responsible for the safety of the players.

Fact – more injuries come from bad slides than any other aspect of the game

 Accidents will happen but coaches, who follow these points, can limit those harmful incidents.

* Make sure players line up in the same direction when playing catch and away from all bystanders, who could get hit by overthrows.

* Institute a rule that says no bat is swung without a helmet on – may be a little extreme but it guards against major injuries to head from kids accidentally swinging in the wrong spot or at the wrong time

Baseball Coaching Responsibility Starts With Safety First

* Similarly, players should be required to wear protective cups at all practices and games..

* Players must be coaches on defensive communication drills for balls hit between player positions, especially fly and popped up balls.

*Base runners must be taught to avoid collisions, even when they may have the right of way.

* Coaching players correct sliding techniques is an essential baseball coaching responsibility.

* Coaching defensive players where to position themselves on thrown and batted balls keeps players safe.

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