When Hitting Popups – What to Do

There is good news and bad when hitting too many popups. The bad news is that popups are the easiest way to make an out besides strikeouts. The good news is that batters are very close to squaring up the ball and putting it into the air with more of a line drive result. I would rather get a player that can get the ball in the air than trying to change a player that hits ground balls all the time. The ground ball result can come from a number of problems that are usually harder to change their muscle memory issues associated with that.

For the next seven days, I will provide a separate hitting drill that will help baseball players learn to square the ball up and quite possibly turn those popups into long balls and home runs. Of course, no fix happens over night but over time, hitters will see great improvement. As with any baseball hitting drill, players should perform the drill ten to fifteen times consecutively before going back to their regular swing to see if there is a difference in their batting results.

When hitting popups, players should focus on the top of the ball and that begins with setting the batting tee at the very top of the strike zone or above.

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