Any time coaches can give players incentive to work on their skills with the most effectiveness, it is advantageous to do so. The following baseball timing tips batting drill does just that, as it helps players focus on timing the ball and controlling the bat, as opposed to hitting balls as far as they can, a common practice and mistake in batting practice. This baseball timing tips batting drill for batting practice helps kids learn points of contact, as well as working on the other hitting fundamental skills of waiting, being quick and bat control.

How the  Baseball Timing Tips Batting Drill Works

With the first batting practice pitch, batters have to hit the ball to the opposite field. On the second pitch, they have to hit the ball to center field (between the gaps) and on the third pitch, the goal is to their pull side. For every batted ball that players achieve the desired direction, they get an extra swing. On the extra swing(s), coaches yell out which field players should hit the ball. As long as they achieve the called for direction, they keep hitting. 

Effectiveness of Baseball Timing Tips Batting Drill

As mentioned, this batting practice challenge works on timing, bat control and points of contact, but also it gives players the added motivation to keep hitting. For players, who are not as successful as others are, it motivates them to work hard to achieve the desired goals of the “timing tips” batting drill, as they realize they are not getting as much batting practice as some of their teammates.

To make this batting practice method even more effective and challenging, coaches can throw the first pitch slowly with the opposite field goal, the next pitch medium speed for up the middle hitting, and the third pitch fast with the pull goal. This method also gives coaches and players a good idea as to which speed pitches players hit best and worst.

As always during batting practice, players should swing at strikes only and coaches who should try to pitch balls to the side of the plate where players are trying to hit that pitch.

Finally, this batting drill is applicable for bunting, hit and run, or any such batting skill coaches want to work on.

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