Thursday Throwing Tips

Tee Ball Throwing Drill for All Aged Players

Using a throwing drill that kids genuinely like is priceless for the baseball coach. 

After a youth pitcher throws a practice pitch and hits the catcher’s glove, they are happy for a job well done. After a pitcher knocks a ball off a batting tee with a pitch, they are elated and tell everyone about it. Finding a throwing drill that gets kids more excited than usual is one of the goals of youth baseball coaches. 

This fun and effective throwing drill is simple. Coaches set a ball on a batting tee over home plate and pitchers try to knock the ball off the tee. Of course, they may knock the ball off by hitting the tee, which is a good thing, but the main goal is to knock it off by hitting the ball only. Coaches can change the location and height of the tee to work on specific pitch locations. Catchers with catching gear are optional but usually not used for this drill. This throwing drill is not only fun, but works to sharpen the pitcher’s focus as the ball is smaller than the catching glove and requires great accuracy to hit.

This throwing drill does not have to be only for pitchers, as setting a ball on the tee at first base for infield throws or at second base for throws from the outfield or catcher also works well for fun, focus, and accuracy.

These drills force players to narrow their focus more than throwing to a player, thereby helping to eliminate throwing errors. Coaches can easily turn this practice drill into team competition to see which player or groups of players can knock the ball off first, or the most times. Over the years I have been coaching youth, this is one of the most requested drills by kids because of the challenge and fun it presents.



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