Sunday Setting Sights on Success Tip of the Day – Where Love of Game Comes From

The usual catch 22 has to do with revolving problems, where one brings on the other in a cycle. The perfect catch 22, as it refers to baseball, is a great situation and the key to athletic and baseball success.

The Perfect Baseball Catch 22

The perfect cycle goes like this:

Hard work leads to success, which leads to fun and back again. Nothing motivates like success or at least the feeling of success, which makes players want more, leading back to the hard work and the fun – they revolve in an unending perfect catch 22.

On the other hand, when one of these ingredients disappears – usually because the amount of work is not producing the success and thus the fun goes away resulting in player burn out and the end of their career.

Success will not show up without hard work, fun goes away without success, and hard work disappears without fun – thus the perfect catch 22 ends. Coaches and adults that watch out for these scenarios can nip it in the bud and keep kids from the burn out that ends their careers prematurely.


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