Video analysis to see the good and bad

I am not going to get into how crazy it makes me see parents constantly filming players playing baseball. A couple of swings and a few pitches is enough to analyze players’ actions. That’s a story for another time. Of course, it’s important to video occasionally to point out incorrect actions. Once players see what they are doing wrong, they at least have a chance to correct it. Knowing what’s wrong also give them hope that if they practice better, they can have success the next time. However, kids do not want to see pitch after pitch of what they do wrong. After awhile, they begin to dread seeing themselves on video.

The best time to video tape ballplayers is when they are hitting or pitching well. I want players to be able to look at times they were doing things correct. With that, they can see themselves doing things right so they can compare it to the times when they struggle. It is very helpful to compare the good and bad at-bats.  Also, the good actions build confidence back by seeing positive results. Knowing they have done it before is a great boost and the visualization of their good days may solve their current problems.

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