Baseball players all have different personalities

Give me these five baseball players on my team and it will make my coaching job so much easier.

Sure, it would be great to have very talented baseball players at every position. The coaching challenge would only be to try to get those talented players to come together as a cohesive unit, which is no small task, especially because those type baseball players often have big egos. The talent factor alone would allow the team to win most games, diminishing some of the usual coaching challenges. Most youth- baseball teams comprise of a couple of very talented players and the rest average or below average ones. Many challenges exist for coaches with such a wide range of abilities.

baseball players

baseball players

As mentioned, having players with good ability is preferred, but I also want kids that have the following traits, all of which make coaching fun and easier, especially when it comes to molding them into a team.

Give me one of these baseball players – the Hungry Eyes

Some baseball players I know right away that I will love to coach them because they “eat up” everything you tell them and they have such a great hunger to learn. Nothing is more exciting for a coach than having players that are hungry to learn, no matter their ability level.

Give me one of these baseball players – the Hustling Dirt Man

Having that one player, who hustles on and off the field, and that player, who is not afraid to get his uniform dirty to make plays, is priceless for a coach. This gives the coach that player to use as an example to the rest of the team for how to go about respecting the game.

Give me one of these baseball players – the Jokester

All players have different personalities and it is nice to have that one player that keeps things loose for teams with their wit and fun personality. During intense times, it is necessary to have that one person that lightens the mood and keeps things in perspective.

Give me one of these baseball players – the Team Person

Having that one player, who recognizes players, no matter their talent level and includes all team members in activities, is the ideal for coaches so cliques do not form and for building team chemistry. Of course, the best-case scenario for this is when the “team player” is one of the most talented also.

Give me one of these baseball players – the Hard Working Over Achiever

This player may or may not be the hustler, but that player who has no right to have success, based on their natural talent and fundamentals, but “will their way” to success are great examples for coaches and others to admire.

Of course, some players have a few of these qualities and that is even better. Coaches, who have a team comprised of at least one of these type kids have great examples to show others and they certainly make coaching baseball easier.


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