Sunday Setting Sights on Success Tip of the Day – Developing Team Chemisty

There is a common saying around baseball circles that states, “Hitting is contagious.” It seems like when one player gets hot with the bat, many players follow and the team goes on a nice offensive stretch. The same happens with team chemistry, once it gets started, many follow, and all have fun, which should be a top goal of youth baseball.

Good baseball coaches should set the stage for team chemistry with the following coaching tips.

Foster Team Chemistry

Coaches should:

* Pair up different players for drills and skills competition so all players have a chance at success

 * Discourage cliques and promote inclusion of all players in team activities – good coaches encourage players to try to include all players in team functions

 * Encourage players to pull for each other – especially for struggling players

* Show enthusiasm through good and bad times – helping players learn to win and lose with class is a key to good coaching

* Gain players’ trust with fair treatment of all and with helpful game knowledge for all – good coaches do not coach selectively

* Lead by example, demonstrating the qualities of sportsmanship for players to see and follow – actions are as important as words

* Communicate honestly with players on and off the field – nothing gains respect more than honesty and it starts at the top

 Finally, team chemistry is always a work in progress and begins with the coach. Those, who develop that team chemistry, create a season to remember.

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