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T Ball Batting Practice Day a Must for Baseball Coaching

Obviously, coaches do not have enough batting tees, if any, for each player on the team. Baseball coaches should make it a priority to insist that each player obtain a batting tee early in the season, if affordable. The problem with T ball batting though is twofold. Most players, even experienced ones, do not know how to use the t ball batting tee correctly, or get bored using one quickly.

The same is true for most baseball coaches too, but it is their responsibility to learn those things.

Once all or most players have secured a t ball batting tee, coaches should have a t ball practice day, when players bring their tee to practice and when coaches coach players how to use it to get the most benefit.

Advantages of T Ball batting Practice

  1. T ball batting practice teaches the proper setup for hitting on it
  2. Coaches can teach and have players perform a good number of hitting drills so boredom does not occur during t ball batting practice at home.
  3. It is a good way to get a great number of quality swings for all team members during practice
  4. Coaches can have this type practice occasionally during the season, especially when the team is struggling at the plate

Key T ball Tips to Cover

* Standing the correct distance away from batting tee, with correct placement out front of hitter, to make sure players’ understand the correct contact points, depending on pitch location.

* Quality hitting drills that help hitters when struggling for contact (pitches slightly above top of strike zone and below bottom of strike zone), hitting pop-ups (T placement at letter high) and hitting ground balls (T placement at knees). As players learn to hit pitches at edges of strike zone on the batting tee, hitting pitches at the rest of the strike zone becomes easier.

Once again, it is mandatory that coaches learn the correct use of a batting tee, along with a number of quality hitting drills, to get the most out of t ball use.

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