Great Slump Breaking Hitting Drill

If you are tired of watching hitters who cannot stay back with their stride or with their upper body on the swing, this is the slump breaking hitting drill to use. Nothing with hitting is more important than staying back and being able to wait for the pitched ball. As with any hitting fix, developing the correct hitting fundamentals is the first step. The better the swing fundamentals the easier it is to stay back.

However, even batters with great fundamentals have trouble staying back, usually out of anxiousness or a lack of confidence, so the coaching fix is a difficult one.

Slump breaking hitting drill

Slump breaking hitting drill

The drills shown here are great for helping hitters stay back and for understanding, what it means to stay back, but ultimately they have to do it with live pitched balls, which make this this slump breaking hitting drill a great one for live batting practice.

How to Perform Slump Breaking Hitting Drill

The drill is simple. An object is placed between the batters feet as batters take their normal swing. Upon finishing the swing, batters look down to see where they are in relation to the object with the goal of keeping their head behind the object, towards the catcher side, throughout the swing. Players whose head moves forward of the object must work until they can keep their head and body behind the ball.

It is best for coaches to alternate fast and slow pitches in batting practice, at first. Once batter can stay back on slow pitches, they are well on their way to learning to stay back, with the only difference being the ability to be quicker. Simply finishing the baseball swing all the way around to the middle of the back also helps avoid a lunging action.

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