Sports Coaching Issues – Are You Ready for Them

Most youth sports coaches are unprepared for the many sports coaching issues they will encounter. Youth sports coaching is about teaching life lessons too, not just what goes on, on the fields.

Today I want to share with you an example of some of the letters I receive and that I answer in my new book, Creating a Season to Remember. Dear Jack, The pressure my son puts on himself to succeed in baseball is TREMENDOUS. Which means that not only during games is he driven to succeed, but he is even during father-son practices on an otherwise empty ball field or batting cage.

Some of the Sports Coaching Issues to prepare for

Sports Coaching Issues

Are you ready for this

Coaches will encounter all types of player personalities, skill, and desire levels. The problem is that no one prepares them for those variances and youth sports coaching issues. I am not an expert on behavior science, but over my 28 years of youth coaching experiences, i have tried many things to come up with some methods that will help. Sometimes, it only takes saying the right thing at the right time to affect a kid’s life in a positive way. Of course, more often than not, it is not that simple but requires a season-long commitment to help players. Failing to know how to handle bullying behavior, entitled players, no confidence players, teenage players, bold players, star players, fearful players, those with learning differences and many other athlete types can lead to a very long season.

In my book, Creating a Season to Remember: The New Youth Sports Coaching Leadership Handbook, I give many things coaches can do to help these players. Having to devote too much time to a player or two because you do not know what to do is not fair to the rest of the team either. This book shows coaches how to help players overcome their fears and pressures and other insecurities that take away their confidence to have a season to remember. Remember, you can make a difference – I’ve seen it happen – do not miss that chance.

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