Thursday Throwing TipsLittle Know Fixes for Fundamental Throwing Problems

Allowing young players to get away with incorrect throwing mechanics causes unbreakable habits down the road. Coaches, who know these little coaching tips, can help prevent those long-term throwing mistakes.

Common Throwing Mistakes and Fixes

  1. Lazy front side – Have players practice a ninety degree turn of back foot along with pointing their front elbow at their target and not their glove
  2. Low elbow – thumb must break down on backswing and not over the ball. Have coach hold ball up at ear level and directly behind player, as the player takes the ball from coach – this promotes the thumb under, fingers on top action that keeps elbow from dropping
  3. Heel landing – Have players begin their throwing by getting up on their tip toes before throwing, which will force a ball of foot landing
  4. Open up when throw – have players take a step or hop directly at their target with their back leg after releasing the ball


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