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Baseball Coaching Tips for Giving Players Best Chance at Success

An often-used statement by upper level coaches goes something like this, “I try to put players in situations where they can succeed.” That baseball coaching statement may not mean much to the average sport fan, but situation coaching has merit and it is just as important, if not more so, at the youth levels of baseball. Youth baseball players have different confidence and self-esteem levels, so it is important for coaches to learn that about each respective player. Knowing that helps coaches make decisions that are most helpful for kids.

situational baseball coaching

Baseball coaching tips for success

With that in mind, there is another side to that statement that is just as important, “I take players out of situations, when it is obvious they want no part of those situations.” All players have different sports personalities, so it is necessary that coaches learn those personalities in order to adhere to the above baseball coaching statements.

Situation Baseball Coaching Tips to Build Players Confidence Levels

*Only play players at positions they have practiced enough to play comfortably – this especially applies for the positions of pitcher and catcher.

* For batting order, set lineup where players are comfortable and have best chance to use their respective strengths – for example, placing fast runners at the top of order and power hitters in RBI positions works best.

* Get players out of spots, when possible when their confidence is shot. There is a saying, “The ball will find you,” which means that when a player is struggling with their defensive game, the ball seems to go to that player more often than usual. Coaches that observe players, who do not want the ball hit to them, are best off making a substitution so that player is not embarrassed further.

*Some players love to be there in clutch situations and others shy away from those – coaches must learn “who is who,” so as not to hurt players’ confidence. That is not to mean that coaches should not build players’ confidence levels, so reading players attitudes, confidence levels and demeanor is important to best help build players self-esteem.

Finally, a big difference exists between coaching recreational baseball, which is mostly for fun and player development, and competitive baseball coaching, when winning and pressure are more prominent. Many fewer decisions about looking for situations for success and failure are involved, when less pressure to win occurs at the less competitive levels.

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