Reasons kids don’t have fun are usually adult related

Failing to captivate kids is not always a coach’s fault, even though they may be the ones blamed for it. With some players, it’s not the coach, but a lack of competence or love of the sport that causes the reasons kids don’t have fun. Players rarely persevere for long without liking to play at least a little from the beginning or without having some degree of accomplishment.

Also, parents’ expectations of volunteer coaches may be too high. When it’s evident players are not enjoying it, you should ask the athlete what’s going on. Their answers may help you figure out ways of making things more exciting. The season drags for everyone when players aren’t having fun.

Winning helps attitudes, but coaches must never forget that players do not have to win to have fun.

When the coaching philosophy revolves around player growth, amusement usually follows for all interested athletes. Following is an infographic for coaches to print to help them understand the top reasons kid’s don’t have fun, so coaches can avoid them and develop a game plan for keeping kids excited. As a bonus, when kids have fun, their parents are usually happier and allow the coaches to do their job with less interference.

Infographic for reasons kids don’t have fun


Reasons kids don't have fun

Print Know the reasons kids don’t have fun


Jack Perconte has dedicated his post-major league baseball career to helping youth. He has taught baseball and softball for the past 28 years. His playing, coaching and parenting stories create better experiences for athletes and parents. Jack has written over a thousand articles on coaching baseball and youth sports. Jack is the author of “The Making of a Hitter” and “Raising an Athlete.” His third book “Creating a Season to Remember” is now available. Jack is a featured writer for Baseball the Magazine. You can also find Jack Perconte on YouTube with over 120 fun and innovative baseball instructional videos.


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