Qualities of a Leader in Baseball and Life

The best case for any baseball team occurs when the player with the most baseball ability also has the qualities of a leader. That is not always the case though, as it is difficult to find players with great talent to have great leadership qualities.

The qualities of a leader in baseball are not a lot different from the qualities of a leader in any aspect of life, but there is the added dimension of physicality that is not always necessary in other life activities. Following is a list of the qualities of a leader that baseball coaches look for and help develops in ballplayers. 

How to be a Team Leader and have team leadership qualities

  1. The most outwardly apparent qualities of a leader in baseball is on-field hustle. Leadership begins with the physical hustle that serves as an example of how to play the game to other players. It is impossible to be a team leader when hustle is an on and off thing for players.
  2. Enthusiasm on and off the field for baseball is another leadership quality that team leaders display that goes beyond the physical hustle. Enthusiasm for baseball boils over into their everyday talk and demeanor.

Other Team Leadership Qualities

  1. Leaders have a knack for saying the right thing at the right time, especially when team conflicts appear. Players, who are team leaders, may not be the most vocal of players, but when they speak, others listen and respect what they say.
  2. The qualities of a leader include showing respect for everyone involved in the game, from other players, to coaches, to parents, to umpires and to the other team. Most of all, team leaders have a great respect for the game of baseball, never breaking the rules of sportsmanship.
  3. Leaders handle success and adversity with class by maintaining their cool and staying on and even keel through good and bad times.

Finally, the qualities of a leader include showing humility and dignity with the press and media, and most of all to their teammates in a way that does not make them out to be the star.


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