Proof Hitting Fundamentals are Right?

It is very difficult to know when a baseball player’s hitting fundamentals are right or not. Even trained hitting coaches will see different things when looking for the proof hitting fundamentals are correct. It is especially hard to analyze a player’s hitting mechanics in a game situation because the action moves fast and other variables come into play. Things like timing, vision, and player strength all have a say in producing hard hit balls and hits in games. Even bad mechanical baseball swings produce hard hit balls and hits from time to time. At the lower levels of baseball, kids with very good hand-eye coordination can get away with improper hitting fundamentals up until the competition level rises.

Find out if hitting fundamentals are right

What is a somewhat easier way to find proof hitting fundamentals are right is during batting tee practice. Using the below batting tee drills can help coaches, players and parents judge a batter’s swing actions to determine how close they are to have the perfect swing if such a thing exists. Once players can get to the point of hitting consistent line drives in the direction of the batting tee location, people can be certain that players have a good fundamental swing. Carrying those actions over to a pitched ball is another thing, but batting tee work is a great start and a way of getting a great number of repetitive swings.

Hitting fundamentals are right

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Hitting fundamentals are right

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