Raising an Athlete


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You don’t want to look back in a few years and have regrets that you were part of the problem or not part of the solution for why your son or daughter no longer wanted to play youth sports.

Tired of seeing your child not working hard or having fun on the sports field? Well, maybe you are the problem, or the coach is the problem, or your child is one that takes things too hard. Whatever the case, it’s not easy being a sports parent in today’s high-pressure youth sports world. It is worse if you do not have the right perspective and guidelines to help your child along the way.

Raising an Athlete is written by a man who has been there as an athlete (major leagues), youth sports coach (28 years) and parent (3 athletes). He knows what you are going through and how to turn things around when the pressure on your child, or you, seems to be too much.

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