The problems in sports are greater now than ever. Of course, the problems in sports and the solutions to those problems are large enough for college courses to cover, but here is a short list of the many negative sports issues along with the number one solution for the problems in sports.

Environment Ripe for Problems in Sports

First, it is not surprising that problems in sports exist, as more kids are playing sports than ever, due largely in part to the growth of female athletics over the last 25 years. Secondly, few college scholarships are available and the pressure to get them is enormous. In addition, economics have a big role to play with those existing problems, family economics and the huge money making business sport involves, all the way from the professional level down to youth sports. The enormous growth of travel teams over the last few years has brought more intensity and pressure to youth sports, too, as the enormous outlay of money to play has people expecting so much more than with recreational leagues. Finally, because of the hectic pace of life in this century, stress levels are high, especially among adults, leading to a greater likelihood of confrontational behavior.

Put all those factors together and issues as bad coaches, unmotivated sons and daughters, kids not having fun, kids who lack confidence, parents pushing kids too hard and athletic burnout are very common. These negative issues lead to many negative public displays that give youth sports a bad name. 

Main Solution for Problems in Sports

As mentioned, this is a small list of the many problems in sports. The solutions, although many also, come down to one simple one, although not as simple to implement – better educate the parents and coaches, so the proper youth sports perspective becomes more prevalent.  Until leagues and schools do a better job of training their coaches and sports parents on what is expected and what acceptable behavior is, problems in sports will be prevalent. Parents of players should insist to their leagues that coaches get training before and during the season. With online capabilities, this is not as difficult a job as it once was.



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