Friday Base Running Drill – Dual Purpose Warm Up Drill 

Anytime coaches can combine working on two aspects of baseball at one time, as with this base running drill, it is always more productive. A good example of that is the pre-game warm up period. Players should take a few hard (one hundred percent) sprints just prior to the game. This ensures players’ legs are completely loose for the games and serves as good conditioning work, also. 

Because the sprints are necessary, coaches should use this pre-game warm up base running drill to have players work on their breaks and leads needed when stealing bases or simply breaking on batted balls.

 Pre-game Base Running  Drill and Warm up 

Coaches have players line up on the outfield line and take their lead offs, while the coach stands in front of them in the direction of the pitcher’s mound and acts like the pitcher does with a runner on first base. Coaches can throw to first, or throw home, as players work on reading the pitcher’s move, breaking to second and sprinting hard towards second base. Players can work on their secondary lead and delayed steal breaks,also, during this base running drill.

As mentioned, players are getting practice at reading the pitchers move and their breaks and leads from first, all the while getting their legs loose for the game. Multi-function baseball drills, as this base running drill, help coaches use their time most efficiently.

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