Thursday Throwing Tips

Special Pitching Drill

Pitchers focus on hitting the catcher’s glove, as they should. When they miss that spot, it is not always clear where they missed and by how much they missed. However, this drill not only has pitchers focus on hitting a spot, but also explains in a clear way, when they miss that spot and just as importantly, where they miss it.

No Catcher Pitching Drill

As seen in the picture here, coaches set up spots on a wall, or on a net, that designates the nine different pitch locations. Of course, pitchers practice hitting the location they choose to or the one the coach calls out. Players can easily see when they miss location and where the ball hits the target. It is easy to make a game of it by assigning a value to each spot. For example, pitches on the corners get a higher value than pitches in the middle of the plate.

This pitching drill gives pitchers a clear view of the strike zone, and exactly where their ball enters the strike zone, or does not, as well as when balls hit the corners of the plate. This pitching target makes it easy to coach game like pitching with counts, by having pitchers throw first pitch strikes and then working the edges of the plate, as well as learning to work inside, outside, high and low.

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