Pitch Counts Debate

Much debate over the value of pitch counts occurs now days. The old school coaches do not believe in them and the new school coaches may over rely on them. Who knows? What is know is the higher incidence of major arm injuries in the modern age. I believe youth coaches should definitely adhere to the recommended pitch counts and days of rest following pitching days for the age of pitchers. It seems that more and more evidence points to long term wear and tear as the reason for most major arm injuries, as opposed to a single pitch causing damage.

With that in mind, and maybe just as important as keeping pitch counts are three other things.

Pitch Counts

Pitch Counts

Pitch Counts Coaching Tips

1. Coach should teach players, especially pitchers, how to warm up correctly, with gradual increases in distance and velocity.

2. Inform parents that they should adhere to the days of rest rules and not allow their pitchers to go home and throw or to pitching lessons after outings.

3. Coaches should find ways to rest players arms in subsequent games, especially double headers, after pitching. Using pitchers as designated hitters or at positions of less throwing like first base or outfield is best. The worst case scenario is having kids play catcher right after pitching.

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