Online baseball hitting training

Online baseball hitting training


Online Baseball Hitting Training with former major leaguer 

 I, Jack Perconte, have created a one of a kind, step by step, lead the league in hitting online baseball hitting training course. It is all of those and more.

 Why consider this online baseball hitting training course?

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  1. Value for your buck – It’s not easy finding a hitting coach that knows their stuff. It hurts to say this but many of the hitting coaches available at your local academies are young, just out of college or professional baseball coaches. Although they are kindhearted and coaching for the right reasons of love of the game and wanting to give something back to it, they lack the experience of teaching that makes all the difference. I often tell people when they ask about teaching hitting, “It’s not what you know, it’s what you see.”


Until most baseball coaches, even those who were unbelievably good hitters themselves, have seen thousands of hitters, it is difficult to analyze their swings correctly. Sure, they can see the basic things that most baseball people recognize, but they often do not know the root causes of the problem nor the solutions for fixing it. In their defense, the only way they have a chance of learning those things, comes with working with a great number of students over time.


It is best to find a hitting coach that has made a living out of teaching the game, as they obviously have experience and convinced many they know what they are doing to have survived teaching the game.


  1. Cost efficient – Most baseball lessons cost in the $40 to $50-dollar range so it doesn’t take long to see the amount of dollars spent grow to well over thousands of d bucks in time. Unfortunately, because of the nature of muscle memory change, rarely do just a few lessons make much of a difference. It usually takes months and many repetitions to make the necessary changes to the baseball swing. This online baseball hitting training class is a one-time fee with continual information added over time.


  1. Relationship Building – For parents who want to be involved in their child’s baseball development but do not have time to coach their teams, this class is perfect for them. A patient, understanding approach is mandatory, but for those with those, the relationship forged with trying to figure out the complex world of hitting a baseball can be rewarding for both player and parent.

    Online baseball hitting training

    Learn it while they are young


  1. Go at your own pace. With an online baseball hitting training course, people can go at their own pace. They do not have to figure hitting out overnight and can gradually build the swing, along with referring to things begun a few weeks ago. With personal private lessons, once a coach covers something it is often forgotten in the future.


  1. Lifetime access – The above point leads to the next that with this online baseball hitting course people have lifetime access to it, so there is little need to spend and spend for knowledge that is always available.



  1. Instant fixes – Perhaps the best news is that students of the course will begin to recognize their player’s hitting flaws and be able to find the possible solutions right away in the hitting class, without having to wait for their next hitting lesson to maybe find the answer.


  1. Video and tips at fingertips – Additionally, the video and pdf baseball tips gives one the visual guides needed to study and learn the fundamentals of hitting and the best ways of teaching them.


  1. Learning about the major league mindset from a former major leaguer. Many coaches know their stuff, but have never faced the best pitchers in the world, so they cannot relate the mental game that makes the difference between success and failure.



  1. Questions answered – Another fabulous bonus is that with this online hitting course, students can ask questions and discuss the hitting problems they encounter along their journey.  


Baseball Hitting Training and Me


I have been in the baseball hitting training business my whole life. My early life was swinging the bat, and I must have done it well because it helped get me to the major leagues. My major league days were about the continual process of trying to adjust to the best pitchers in the game. On my way to major league baseball and during my days there, I made every mistake there was with trying to hit a baseball. My post major league days have been spent trying to figure out solutions to all those flaws and of trying to help young players avoid the mistakes I made. I have worked with thousands upon thousands of hitters over the last thirty years. Did I help all of them? Surely not, but most improved enough to have fond memories of their playing days. Others went on to have great success at the higher levels of the game. Maybe the best part was the great relationship that developed with my students, as well as the work ethic they learned that helps them to this day.


As I always felt with my playing days, I wish I knew then what I know now about hitting and the same goes for my teaching days. What I taught years ago pales in comparison to what I teach now. Teaching hitting is like hitting itself, it’s a continual learning process of trial and error until one finds the quickest and best solutions for teaching others how to hit a baseball. I finally feel comfortable with teaching players the best and quickest ways to hit, even though there are no magic formulas or shortcuts to success.


There are two parts of baseball hitting training, the mental and the physical. For younger players, performing the fundamentals of the swing are the most important thing and help to develop a mentally tough hitter. As players advance up the baseball ladder, the hitter’s mindset becomes more essential. The ability to teach both is what makes an excellent hitting coach.


What you will learn with this online baseball hitting training course


In this baseball hitting training course, the following is the initial knowledge to know before beginning to work with players.


  1. Coach- player relationship building. Crucial tips for working with your player. This valuable advice alone can make or break your child’s career. Saying the wrong things or in the wrong tone of voice will be a recipe for doom as their coach or for them wanting to continue playing baseball.


  1. Choosing a bat. Understanding how to decide on what the correct bat is for the player is never easy and can be very costly if one doesn’t have a plan.


  1. Why a batting tee? You will find the best tips for buying and using a batting tee. No better tool exists for the serious baseball player than the batting tee. Getting one that will last and knowing how to use it to perfect the swing and problem solve is indispensable advice.


Baseball hitting training basics


  1. Learning the fundamentals. Using pictures of some of the greats helps to learn the fundamentals that coaches will teach to hitters. It also will serve to help coaches know what to look for when working with players.


  1. The beginning – set-up at home plate. Hitting begins with knowing how to set up at home plate and with developing a routine where it’s the same distance for batting tee and batting practice, as well as in games.


  1. Swing feedback to look for. Batting tee practice is only useful when it provides the swing feedback necessary.

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  1. Creating fun and incentive to practice. Having ways to make batting tee work fun is the whole key, so kids look forward to practice.


  1. 3 biggest hitting errors to fix or avoid. Before beginning to practice, it’s important coaches know the three biggest flaws that lead to all other issues.


The key drills to hone the perfect baseball swing


  1. The Core Drills to the Perfect Swing


  1. Absolutes to look for and teach – developing an eye for seeing hitting issues and strengths is the beginning of coaching hitting excellence.


  1. Coaching Hitting Tips to Stay on top of – failing to do these will cause confusion.


  1. Swing the bat from the exact right position – doing something right and almost right is the difference between leading the league and being average.



  1. Bat path. Learn how to create the bat path that drives the baseball and is the beginning of leading the league in hitting. It all starts from the ground up.


  1. The key elbow positions – up? down?


  1. Preparing to Swing and Crucial Inside the Ball Swing Path – the determining factor for right or wrong.


  1. See the core drills in action. Young hitter on the road to improvement.


  1. How to analyze your players swing – learning how to develop an eye for seeing right from wrong is critical.


  1. Fix it now. No matter how much one practices, hitting problems will arise, even for the best of players. This online baseball hitting training class will give solutions to every hitting issue.


  1. Flip and pitch it right. Knowing various flip ball drills and batting practice techniques helps hitters develop the correct swing with timing.


  1. Drills to refine the swing. Many hitting drills exist and the more one knows the better chance of finding the ones that help players best.


  1. Troubleshooting – Ask the expert and with this online baseball hitting training course people will have direct access to the coach, former major leaguer Jack Perconte.

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Yes, and more. If you want to see your child or player lead the league in hitting, give this online baseball hitting training course a try!

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