Do you wish you could make the most out of each game?

Do you want to play with top equipment like a pro yet stay within your budget?

Are your kids always causing trouble by dragging dirt into your house?

Need the right traction on the field, even without spikes?

Wish that you didn’t have to keep buying new sneakers each game?

Want to keep your feet comfortable even as you play?

If you want all of this and more, check out the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat – the ideal shoe for baseball players and athletes.

What is the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat?

The Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat is a cleated shoe design made specifically as a professional athletic shoe for baseball players.

The shoes are made out of durable synthetic leather and mesh materials to ensure that they remain intact throughout intense games.

Likewise, the nonmetal, cleated bottom of the shoes gives the players better traction for frantic runs between bases or for fly balls.

The power channel flex grooves give you greater power with your movements.

In addition, the cleats have geometric divot patterns that limit dirt and mud accumulation on the shoes. As a result, you don’t need to worry about muddying up the locker room afterwards.

Furthermore, the interior is padded with Phylon midsole cushions to keep your feet comfortable even as you play.

What Makes Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat Unique?

Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat is ideal for athletes and is a step above competitors due mainly to its high quality as well as the comfort and durability it provides.

  • Cleats: Another way in which the shoe stands out from similar brands is that while it has cleats, it is not spiked or metal like most models are. Non-spiked cleats are useful when people want the greater traction of cleats but will not or cannot wear spiked shoes.
  • Flex Grooves: Likewise, the power channel flex grooves are a unique addition that enhances the shoes’ performance for athletes, while the divots make the shoes stand out in their cleanliness.
  • Unique Design: In addition, the color designs of the shoes, such as the various wolf grey mixes, are different from those on competing brands and have their own distinctive appeal.

Pricing Options for the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat

On Amazon, prices for the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat range anywhere from $36 to $299, showing how there are many options to consider when making a purchase. Depending on the retailer, the price of the shoes can vary depending on the height classification of the shoes. At Dick’s Sporting Goods, for instance, the low-height version of the shoe costs $44.97, while the 12-ounce, mid-level cleats cost $39.97.

Please keep in mind that the specificities of the cleats may differ slightly between the different versions.

For example, the low cleats’ TPU outsole has a 9-piece configuration while the mid cleats’ TPU outsole has a 12-piece set-up for the cleats.

You can also select from several different color mixes, each with its own price range, including: wolf grey, anthracite, black, and white ($56.89); wolf grey, black, white, and game royal ($61.14) ; and wolf grey, white, and university red ($59.99).

If you are ordering online, please also be aware of the shipping fees.

On Amazon, for instance, the shipping weight for the shoes is three pounds. Go for whatever option best suits your personal/professional tastes and the demands of your game and your wallet.

Public Perception (Other Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat Reviews)

Many reviewers who purchased the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat have had largely positive things to say about the product, praising it for its reliability in baseball games.

Durability and Traction

Particular focus is often given to the shoes’ durability and traction, and they are also liked because they are comfortable as well.

Another key positive noted by reviewers was how it lacks true spikes. The shoes lacking spikes yet having considerable traction and power enabled them to be used in cases where spikes were not allowed without sacrificing athletic potential.

The Downside

If anything, the only negative feedback tended to be on the sizes being slightly off. The general recommendation said reviewers gave is to pick a size just slightly above your normal level to account for the difference.

Along similar lines, a few people complained that the shoe, which features a narrow design, made their wider feet uncomfortable.

Other than those minor issues, however, reviews are generally high, demonstrating how the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat brand is ideal for baseball players and fans of the sport.

How Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat Compares with Competitors

The overall design and appeal of the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat are fairly similar to those offered by other companies such as Under Armour and New Balance. Most brands focus on providing comfort and durability in their shoes while also having similar configurations on a molded TPU outsole. Even so, the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat has considerable advantages over its competing brands.

A key distinguishing feature, as noted earlier, is that the model, while cleated like other products, is not truly spiked. Since the sometimes-troublesome nature of spikes prevents their use sometimes, the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat, which still performs excellently in spite of true spikes, offers an opportunity for people who are unable to utilize spiked cleats.

The power channel grooves and the power they bring to your feet also give the model an advantage over similar shoes.

In addition, some of the competing brands have fewer cleats/spikes in their outsoles such as seven or eight rather than the nine or twelve-spike options that Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat offers.

Best Features of the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat

The Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat has many useful qualities, but here are a few of the product’s top features:

  • TPU and synthetic mesh for a durable build that molds to fit your form
  • Lightweight midsole cushions made of Phylon to give your feet the comfort they deserve
  • Geometric, non-spike divots designed to keep dirt off the shoes
  • Made from durable and high-quality synthetic materials
  • Variety of stylish colors to choose from
  • Excellent traction without the hazard of spikes
  • Can function even under wet conditions
  • Good protection for your ankles when playing
  • An innovative combo of Phylon foam and Flywire cables
  • Designed to replicate the comfortable cushioning and lightweight frame of professional baseball players’ cleats for an affordable price

With all of these nifty features, it’s clear why so many people love the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat brand.

Pros and Cons of the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat

To decide whether or not the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat is right for you, why not compare the pros and cons of the product. Here’s how the pros and cons add up:


  • Durable and tractable design for optimal athletic performance
  • Dirt prevented from clinging to shoe via divot system
  • Lacks metal spikes, allowing you to use the shoes in situations where spikes cannot be used
  • Comfortable cushioning on your feet
  • Works even when they get wet.
  • Don’t wear out easily
  • Excellent ankle protection
  • Power flex grooves for strengthened power when playing
  • Wide range of selection and prices with groovy color options and catchy designs
  • Professional company with high-quality materials and design


  • Narrow design may not be as comfortable for people with wide feet
  • Does not have metal spikes if you want spiked shoes
  • Sizes are sometimes slightly off, forcing you to choose a larger size
  • Shoes may not function adequately for purposes outside of athletic usage
  • Some versions of the shoe may be too expensive for your budget

Overall, the advantages of the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat model outnumber its disadvantages, but you should still keep the potential problems in mind when making your purchase.

What We Think of Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat: My Personal Opinion

As a professional athlete who enjoys giving his all at every baseball game, I want only the best equipment I can purchase at a reasonable price. With that in mind, I can firmly say that my experiences with using the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat have largely been overwhelmingly positive.

I enjoy how it comfortably fits on my feet while giving me the support and traction I need while playing baseball. Metal spikes sometimes aren’t allowed on the playing field, and I find that they get in the way sometimes. Therefore, I liked that the non-metal, non-spiked cleats of the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat proved to not be problematic like standard spikes typically are, and I was nonetheless still able to keep my game performance in top form.

Better Traction for Better Performance

The traction on the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat is amazing and lets me run like the wind between the bases, while the durable set-up of the shoes allows me to slide and grind to my goal without having to worry about them becoming damaged at all. The power flex groove especially came in handy, as it gives me the power I need when everything’s on the line in the ninth inning.

Resilience at its Finest

It helps that the shoes don’t easily wear out, letting me use them game after game without having to buy replacements. I’ve worn the shoe for entire baseball seasons without ever having to switch my shoes, even after playing in dirty, muddy, and monsoon-like rainstorm for some of our games, splashing through water while going for the ball or base. That way I can go straight to the locker room after a dirty game without my teammates getting in my hair for tracking in a ton of dirt and mud behind me.

Of course, I rarely use the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat outside of athletic events since even on-spiked cleats aren’t meant for non-athletic use, but I don’t mind because they work good for what they were made for.

Finding the Right Size Can Be a Challenge

The only minor issue I have experienced in the buying process is not having the shoe fit me despite being what should be the right size. I originally ordered the standard shoe size I typically wear, but I found that the shoes were too small for me, so I had to switch my order to half a size above. This can be easily remedied, though, and in any case I prefer buying them in-store so I just test them out when I’m there.

The prices can range a lot between the different models of the brand, but overall I think that the prices have been affordable while giving me the high quality I demand in my game performance.  All in all, I have been incredibly satisfied by the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat and believe that it has considerably strengthened my performance as a baseball player.

To Whom We Recommend This To

Taking into account my in-depth personal experience with the product and what I have discovered through research into the product and its consumer reviews, I would certainly recommend buying the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat.

But I’m assuming you are purchasing it for its intended purpose as a baseball cleat.

The advantages of the design are aimed for athletes participating in baseball. While the shoes have good comfortability and traction regardless, their features such as the cleats are not as effective and may in fact be detrimental when used for alternate purposes.

In the case that you are not buying the shoes for baseball or athletic purposes, you may be better suited in finding a different type of shoe. 

However, if you are purchasing the Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men’s Pro Baseball Cleat for baseball or other athletic activities, I feel that you are making a good decision. The product performs very well in those areas and has key advantages over competitors.

I would advise testing the shoes to see if you have the right size. But if you are buying online, perhaps get a slightly larger size in case the size is a little off.

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