This spring I am coming out with my third book – Creating a Season to Remember – The New Youth Sports Coaching Leadership Handbook.

Why the Youth Sports Coaching Need

If only youth sports could revert to simpler times, when sports were less cut throat and less competitive. Kids played in the neighborhoods and less in organized leagues. Parents allowed them to play, coaches to coach, and parents cheered. Fun was the result more often than not. Well, maybe that has never been the case completely, but things were never so out of control as now. We need to improve youth sports coaching to help reverse the downhill trend.

As much as we hope for greener fields, the truth is, things are nowhere near moving back in the direction of earlier times. It is time our society deals with the existing environment because the chances, of things moving away from the current culture, are slim to none. Most of the problems – money involved, travel sports, pursuit of college scholarships, unbecoming fan behavior, win at all cost coaches, specialization, overuse injuries and other concerns – are here to stay.

With the current conditions in youth athletics, coaching responsibilities are new and more abundant. I set out to provide the coaching training that is missing. I hope to give coaches ways to inspire youth, keep the fun in sports, and fix parents place in youth sports. This book will help cut the number of objectionable incidents pervasive in youth sports today. This coaching blueprint creates the coaching role models that kids want and deserve, guaranteed.

Who is the Youth Sports Coaching Guide is for

Of course, this coaching guide is not for the adults who feel they already have all the answers. Even though, those type coaches need it most, they are old school, believe they know it all, and are unwilling to change. This handbook is for youth coaches, and potential youth coaches, who want to influence youth athletes and their parents, but are not sure how to go about that. It is for those people, who are willing to learn how to be the best coach they can be. Most adults have a small window of opportunity because they will coach their child for few years at most. They must take advantage of that window to Create that Season to Remember. The chance to have kids remember them in a positive way for the rest of their lives is one that most coaches miss out on.

Youth sports coaching book

Jack’s youth sports coaching book is coming

In this handbook, I tackle every issue in youth sports. Most important, the book gives concrete solutions to youth sports coaching problems. The over all goal of the book is making youth sports the enjoyable experience it should be, for all.

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