New Baseball Scoring – NBA Scoring System for Practice Games

Baseball Scoring – Real Slug fests

It is fun when kids go home and tell their moms and dads that they won their baseball scrimmage game today 96 to 89, more like an NBA game than a baseball game. In an effort to spice up baseball practice, coaches can change up the baseball scoring with this NBA style baseball scoring. Low scoring pitching duels are often exciting for baseball fans, but so are games that are up in the hundreds of points, at least for a baseball game or two. Coaches should know that calculators might be necessary for this baseball scoring system.

Coaches can be creative with this new baseball scoring system with emphasis on different aspects of the game, by making those parts more valuable than others are. For example, when coaches want to emphasize the hit and run play, coaches can assign more value to that than to other parts of the game, when players execute the hit and run correctly. In this manner, it encourages players to try that baseball play more often.

Baseball Scoring

Baseball Scoring

Innovative Baseball Scoring System

Here we go – get your math skills ready, and as mentioned, coaches can be creative with their own scoring system and experiment with it. Youth players will get a kick out of it. Additionally, coaches can pitch these games, if desired, for fast moving action or regular team pitchers can pitch. As with all baseball scrimmage games, starting batters with a 2 and 1 count is not a bad idea to speed games along.

All base hits are the value of the hit, so singles are one point, doubles two and so on. Stolen bases are a point for the offense and a correctly executed hit and run gets the offense three points. Runs scored are worth 3 points, as are runs batted in. Therefore, an RBI double nets the offense eight points, two for the double and three each for the run and RBI. As you can see, points may add up quickly, creating some crazy high scores and excitement for players and teams.

NBA Baseball Scoring for Practice Games

Of course, coaches should have these scoring values written down so scorekeepers can keep up with this new high scoring baseball system. Also, baseball coaches can take this scoring a step further and penalize teams for defensive errors and for strike outs and give extra points for great defensive plays and for turning double plays.

There is no end to the possibilities in this new baseball scoring system, kids enjoy the occasional change, and as mentioned, they delight in telling family and friends that they won their baseball game 126 to 120, in a real slug fest.

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