Sports coaching tips of the day

As a coach, remember Murphy’s Law, where if anything can go wrong it will. I’m sure Murphy was a youth sports coach when he came up with his famous theory.

It always amazes me when watching a football game on TV and seeing guys run on and off the field constantly, but there are hardly any penalties for too many guys on the field or teams getting caught with too few out there. Even more amazing is watching a hockey match and seeing guys flying in and out of the game with few penalties for too many players. The preparation for such skillful coaching must be enormous. Other sports like baseball allow more time for in game changes but skillful coaching is still necessary.

Whatever the sport, preparation and organization is crucial for all youth sports, too. Coaches must be prepared and not only to have enough players on the field but for the associated craziness of youth sports. Kids constantly are getting sick or unable to make games because they are overscheduled. It is very annoying when considering the games that have been on the schedule for months and you just find out they will not be there 15 minutes before game time. Along with that, kids get injured or sick during the contests and some just do not want to play. It can be very embarrassing to not have enough players at games or during the games, too.


Tips to the wise:

  1. Be prepared by having options ready for any and everything, before and during games.
  2. The younger the team, the more players needed for the roster to make sure of always having enough.
  3. Continually remind parents to keep you aware of players missing games, and as soon as possible.
  4. Remind kids the importance of eating well before games and of getting their rest so they don’t beg out during games.
  5. Think ahead and have at least a couple of lineup options in case of last-minute changes.


Finally, do not panic or show disgust, kids will be kids.   

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