Motivational Monday – Nothing Motivates Like This

 Nothing motivates kids, at least in the long term, as an adult saying, “I believe in you.” I say long term because even though they may be just words in the present, it means everything for kids in their future. Many such motivational quotes exist and good coaches store these “pick me up” quotes until needed for struggling ballplayers. Nowhere do players need these motivational quotes than in the area of hitting a baseball, the most difficult skill to do well in sport. 

Many coaches willingly or not, get down on players when they are not producing. Their coaching demeanor changes when struggling players come to bat, especially in game winning situations. It is important that coaches do not let this happen and on the other side, actually work harder to pump up slumping players.

Motivational Quotes

When ballplayers confidence is low, coaches have the responsibility to help them get it back. My favorite sayings to hitters allude to this:

“You will figure it out”

“You are just one swing away from putting it altogether”

I know you can do this”

“ I have seen you do it before”

“That’s the (player’s name) I remember” – when they have a good swing

Until confidence returns, it is necessary to keep them hopeful. Encouraging hard work is the first step of course.

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