Motivational Mondays – 

The Negative Who, What, When, Where, Why Motivational Questions

 Some baseball players are self-motivators, and others seem to have no motivation, with most players lying somewhere in between those extremes. Whatever the case, adults do not help any situation with motivational questions that adults apparently think help, but in reality, take away motivation from young players. Of course, the tone of voice, when saying these non-motivation questions, is what really takes kids enjoyment of sport away. Most of these attempts at motivating players serve only the purpose of making players feel like they are inadequate.

Motivational Questions that do the Opposite of Motivating

 “What did I just tell you?”

“What were you thinking?”

“Do you want to be here?”

“How did I tell you to do that?”

“Who told you to do it that way?”

“Why aren’t you guys listening to me?”

“Where is your desire?”

“When is your attitude going to change?”

Why not to use thse motivational questions

After years, or less time, of hearing those non-motivational questions, players have enough and say what the use is. Adults would be better off saying nothing than zapping the fun out of kids with these motivational questions that do not work. Unfortunately, many adults forget how difficult sports are.

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