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Listen into Monday Night SPorts Talk as Jack Perconte talks about his Major League Baseball career and post career with hosts Bob Lazzari and Tony De Angelo.

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The guys discuss Jack’s major league baseball time with the Dodgers, Indians, Mariners and White Sox and talk about Jack’s latest book – Creating a Season to Remember 

Bob Lazzari

Fordham-educated Bob Lazzari is an award-winning sports columnist for Connecticut’s Valley Times and NY Sports Day. He is also a member of the Connecticut Sports Writers’ Alliance, and is a long-time contributor to various sports shows in the NY and CT region.

In all of his work, Bob tries to put the entire field of sports into rational perspective. As he puts it, “I try to keep things light and non-serious most of the time, due to the fact that sports has become something SO FAR removed from us–it’s almost comical.  The money and the personalities involved have made it more “Hollywood” than anything else, but when we break it down, it’s still played in between boundaries/lines, etc.–which ultimately takes us back to THE GAME–and better days gone by.  I believe that I say what a lot of people are thinking and truly WANT to say–which ultimately makes the writing enjoyable.”

Tony De Angelo

Tony grew up in a time when professional sports was as much a part of the culture as in any time during history. He often says, “I saw them all on the way up. Mantle, Seaver, Ali, Mays, Cosell, Namath, and all of them left their lasting impressions with me. So many of these personalities had degrees of integrity that are sadly missing from today’s game, where money and hype seems to rule all.”

By profession, Tony is a trust officer; but, he has been a contributor to various sports shows over the past decade. What he finds amazing is the amount of noted people currently active in sports and entertainment that he has known by either playing with them or being with them along the way. “This is where MNST has been an incredible vehicle for me to get in touch with the past,” says Tony, “and a way to bring all of these folks into the present with a product worthy of mention.”

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