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Hitting a Baseball Terminology

Over the many years of teaching baseball and softball hitting, I have noticed that there is a certain language of hitting a baseball that I use. Many repeated terms describe and recommend specific baseball hitting fundamentals, which over time become the language of hitting a baseball for players.

The good news is that before long, players learn this language of hitting a baseball to where instead of using whole phrases, I simply say one or two words that  point to the specific fundamental, and hitters understand exactly what I am instructing. Following are examples of the hitting a baseball language that coaches use to help kids get a better understanding of important baseball mechanics.

Language of Hitting a Baseball – Physical Hitting Positions

* “The head is the key to your balance, so keep your head steady and in, to where it feels almost over the ball.” After a period, just saying the word head gives players the clue to thinking of balance.

* “Square your stance, as it is much easier to see the ball and square the hips with a square stance.” Some hitters hit effectively with a closed or open stance, but most have the best chance at batting success with an even (feet equal distance from home plate) stance. In time, just saying “Stance,” alerts players to check their feet positioning.

* “Check your setup, is everything level?” Beginning with level a level head and eyes, level shoulders and level hips is another tip that makes things simpler. Just reminding hitters of their initial “setup” helps remind them of leveling out.

Other Key Hitting a Baseball Tips 
hitting a baseball

* “Stay back, the ball does not stop on the way to home plate.” Of course, staying back is one of the most common hitting fundamentals and reminds them to let the ball travel to them without jumping towards the ball.

* ‘See the ball,” is another obvious hitting a baseball term that is important to have hitters learn to stop thinking, over swinging, and just time the ball. Many times a word is not even necessary for baseball language, as just pointing to the eyes makes the communication to see the ball.

* Finish your swing,” is designated with the word finish. This is important to designate the important hitting fundamental of a complete hip rotation. Many young hitters want to run before finishing their swing or let go of the top hand to early because of an incomplete hip turn, so “finish” helps remind them.

As mentioned, the language becomes common knowledge among coaches and batters, leading to easy and quick baseball communication.

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