Hitting a Baseball – Adjustments that Leads to Success

Knowing some basic keys of hitting a baseball in games can help coaches turn games around for the better.

At the highest level of baseball, numerous hitting, pitching, and defensive charts exist that help coaches analyze tendencies about everything, even before games start. At the lower levels of baseball, the so-called “book” on hitters and pitchers are less known, so in game observations are more important.

The good news is that coaches, who stay observant of their teams’ game hitting tendencies, can help change the course of games, especially against dominant pitchers.  Of course, they must know what the hitting tendencies mean and what adjustments are necessary. Generally, after one time through the order, tendencies develop and observant coaches should be able to have a clue as to what adjustments may be necessary.

Hitting a Baseball

Hitting a Baseball Adjustments

Keys to Hitting a Baseball Tendencies and Adjustments for Smart Game Hitting

Of course, one time through the order is not always a great sample for hitting a baseball, but it often gives coaches enough information. When the same tendency occurs, at least five or six times, adjustment suggestions are good.

Negative Tendency                                              Hitting Adjustment

Many ground balls                           Focus on hitting balls through middle and opposite field to negate sinker                                                                   ball pitchers’ effectiveness

Many Fly Balls                                   Focus on staying on top of ball to point of trying to hit ground balls, leading                                                             to squaring ball up better

Many strike outs                              Choke up on bats and cut down on swings for contact – just putting balls in play leads to confidence and runs

Late on pitches                                 Set up as deep in box as allowed and choke up on bats

Early on pitches                                Move up in batter’s box and attempt to go other way more

Other Keys to Hitting a Baseball – Game Adjustments

A big key to hitting success is recognizing pitchers’ control of off speed pitches, as many hitters get themselves out by swinging at off-speed pitches that are not strikes.

I am not a believer in having young hitters take pitches to work the count, but having a game hitting plan for being more or less aggressive, depending on the pitchers control, may be necessary at the travel level of baseball and above.

Observant coaches also notice pitching changes, as rarely do pitchers have the same speeds and pitches, as the pitcher they replaced.

Finally, as hitters gain experience, they should learn to make these hitting adjustments themselves and those that do, usually have the most hitting a baseball success.


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