I know the start of next season’s baseball workouts is a long way off, or should be, at least. But, this is a good time for parents to look for a well-respected baseball instructor in their area for those unfamiliar with one. Little is more important than having a young baseball player take a lesson or two before baseball practices begin next season. With this initial class, parents should ask the expert instructor what are the one or two major things their son or daughter should focus on at the start and the drills that will help those. So often, kids begin the season with no focus or with bad habits, and the first month of the season, or the whole season, players reinforce those bad habits. Before long, significant change is impossible, when it could have been nipped in the bud right away. Parents should note that spending a few extra dollars for the best available instructor is probably worth it. A group baseball class may suffice, too, as long as parents ask some pointed questions about their child’s play after.

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