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A Baseball Guide Book For parents who are:

Tired of losing sleep because their child cannot hit the ball or are wondering how they can prevent their child from losing sleep because they struggle with hitting – it’s all in this baseball guide – The Making of  a Hitter.
That is why former major leaguer Jack Perconte wrote The Making of A Hitter: A Proven and Practical Step-by-Step Baseball Guide.
”I realized that there were a lot of how-to-hit books on the market, but not a lot of how-to-teach hitting books that broke hitting down into an understandable way, even for parents who do not have a great baseball background.”
The Making of a Hitter offers baseball swing tips for every level of player, from the little leaguer to the major leaguer. This hitting guide not only shows players how to hit but also, and more importantly, shows parents and coaches how to teach hitting. As stated in the book title, The Making of a Hitter is a proven baseball-hitting guide that provides in-depth description of the drills, habits, and lessons critical to a successful baseball hitting future. It covers every aspect of hitting, including, the mental approach and the development of confident hitters. Readers will learn how to develop a great baseball swing with this systematic approach.

Ultimate Baseball Guide for helping players, coaches and parents alike.

Additionally, this how to coach baseball guide will teach:
The key drills to teach the fundamentals
How to improve communication with players
How to teach the strike zone
Beginning, intermediate, and advanced hitting drills
How to recognize flaws in the swing and how to correct them

About Jack’s struggles as a major league hitter
And more… 

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