You Don’t Have to Be Phil Jackson to Create Inspirational Coaching Quotes

One thing that I try to do as a youth coach and even more so as a writer, is to create inspirational coaching quotes that motivate youth athletes. This is not an easy challenge, of course, because many great motivational statements are already spoken for, said by people much more prolific than me. Coming up with something original is very difficult and often the attempts are just reworked statements that others have coined. That does not deter me from the endeavor though. Good coaches constantly strive to motivate teams and individuals with inspirational coaching quotes.

Following are some of the inspirational coaching quotes that I commonly use with my students. Although they may seem quite ordinary and mundane, I have seen them work to inspire kids to continue playing sports.


Inspirational Coaching Quotes for Youth Athletes

Only deal with the things you have control over and forget the rest.” Often athletes get concerned with their statistics and results but, when they come to the realization that they can only control their mental and physical preparation, they relax more, their performance begins to improve and they enjoy the game more.

You can do it and do not let anyone tell you that you can’t.” Athletes run into many people who will tell them they are not good enough or that they will never be any good. I tell players, that if every top professional quit when told they were not good enough, there would be a different set of professional athletes than there are now. Coaches should help kids to never let the “naysayers” get them down and should use them for motivation to work harder.

Inspirational Coaching Quotes to Forget Bad Games

“Remember the good and forget the bad or the game will ruin you.” Players, who can forget their bad games and performances, have the best chances of reaching their potential. Dwelling on bad games is never good, although learning from mistakes is necessary.

You are one play away from putting it all together.” It is encouraging for young athletes to know that sport success is close, reachable, and sustainable.” Having hope is the key to eventual success.

Inspirational Coaching Quotes to stay optimistic

Inspirational coaching quotes

Prepare for the future

Perfect practice makes perfect.” This is an obvious substitute for the more common “practice makes perfect,” but much truer than the latter statement because of the difficult nature of sport. Another similar statement that is important for kids to realize, “If you are going to do it, you may as well do it right.”

You may have failed the previous time, but it does not mean you will the next time.” Another optimistic statement that gives players the feeling that sport success is achievable.

Inspirational coaching quotes to overcome fear

Just imagine how good you will feel when you are able to perform up to your ability level, despite any nervousness or lack of confidence you may feel.” This is my favorite because it provides hope but at the same time recognizes players’ feelings and deficiencies. Many youth athletes get paralyzing nervousness. Telling athletes that they can overcome nerves is essential coaching.

I believe in you.” Players, who know that you are always in their corner no matter what, will feel good about their continual effort and play, no matter the possible outcomes.

Baseball specific Inspirational coaching quotes

Head down when you hit, head up when you live.”

Nobody I would rather have up in this situation than you.

“I love coaching you and watching you play.”

Coaches, who say the right things at the right times, mold their players’ attitude in sports and life, in a positive way. Finally, inspirational coaching quotes are great, but nothing is more inspirational than a heartfelt smile, directed at a youth athlete, that says I recognize and appreciate you.

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Jack Perconte has dedicated his post-major league baseball career to helping youth. He has taught baseball and softball for the past 27 years. His playing, coaching and parenting stories create better experiences for athletes and parents. Jack has written over a thousand articles on coaching baseball and youth sports. Jack is the author of “The Making of a Hitter” and “Raising an Athlete.” His third book “Creating a Season to Remember” is now available. Jack is a featured writer for Baseball the Magazine. You can also find Jack Perconte on YouTube with over 120 fun and innovative baseball instructional videos

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