T Ball Base Running Drill that Works 

Of course, this T ball base running drill is not a bad idea for players of all ages and is a good early season, base running drill to help players with correct base running habits and so they never miss a base again for the rest of their career. It may seem a tad complicated but it is not.

Finding baseball drills that work, as with this t ball base running drill, saves a lot of time in the future, as well as saving players the embarrassment of missing a base. This T ball base running drill works efficiently to express the necessity and know how of touching the bases correctly. Once players have done this drill, they usually learn the correct way to touch the bases in one practice session.

As coaches of T ball know, many young T ball players forget to step on the bases, mandatory in baseball before advancing to the next base. Of course, this happens at all levels of baseball, but not with the frequency of t ball baseball, of course. Failing to touch a base usually occurs from excitement over a big hit, excitement of advancing to the next base, or scoring a big run, especially with youth ball players. The following drill is a fun and effective way to coach players how to run the bases correctly, efficiently and quickly.

Innovative T Ball Base Running Drill for Every Level of Baseball

There are 2 different ways of doing this t ball base running drill. 

  1. Coaches write a number down on a piece of paper and set it on the base and on the portion of the base that players should not step on. As players approach the base, they yell out the number as they touch the base, with the goal of not stepping on the number but using the other portion of the base.  This gives young players the understanding of looking at the base as they are near to it and of the correct part of the base they should step on as they run through or round the base.
  2. Coaches use an erasable marker to color the base portion that kids should step on as they reach the base. For example, when rounding bases, coaches color the inside corner of the base, and runners practice rounding the base by stepping on the colored portion.

This T ball base running drill is a good one to help kids learn the importance stepping on the  bases by looking at the base and touching the correct portion of the base. The good news is that once learned with this base running drill, players remember it for the rest of their careers, solving the issue of missing bases.


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