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Baseball Relay Drill with a Twist

As written about in an earlier post, the relay throwing drill is a solid, fun drill to help players understand the correct relay catch and throw technique. Another variation of this drill is just as fun and adds in the correct alignment action.

Twist 1 Baseball Relay Drill

Coaches line up three, four, or five players equidistant apart from the middle of the outfield to home plate. Players are to keep that approximate same distance apart on the drill. The coach rolls or sets a ball somewhere beyond the last player in the outfield, at which time the player in the outfield closest to the ball runs to the ball, as each player in line moves accordingly to stay in a direct line towards home plate. When the retrieving player turns around with the ball, each player should be in a direct line towards home, as he fires to the first player and each subsequent player handles the ball. It is important to remember that the ball must pass to each player in the relay line for this drill.

baseball relay drill

Innovative baseball relay drill

This is a great way to teach players to line up correctly, along with practicing the correct baseball outfield relay catch, and throw technique. Coaches make sure each player lines up in the direct line towards home plate, which is not as easy as one thinks, and continue to perform the drill until lines are perfectly straight.

There are a few variations to this relay drill also.

Twist 2 Baseball Relay Drill

Coaches can add a base runner, beginning from first or home plate and see if they can beat the throw home, of course, with the ball caught and thrown by each player in the relay line.

Twist 3 Baseball Relay Drill

Coaches can have all defensive players start together in a pack, and have them disperse to a designated position in the straight baseball outfield relay drill line. For example, each player is numbered and runs in that order to the straight line positioning, all at once or one at a time.

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