How to Rock Batting Practice Everytime

Learning how to rock batting practice is a joint effort between coach and player. As players advance in their understanding of the fundamentals and hitting strategies, they can start to make decisions to help their hitting plans.

When coaches throw batting practice, there are a number of things to consider. Is it pregame batting or hitting at practice? Right before games, the coach’s goal should be to build up players’ confidence, which means giving them “hittable” pitches and usually at less than game speeds. They also do not want to get players thinking too much right before games, especially about the mechanics of hitting.

In-practice batting sessions are when coaches should challenge hitters more with game-like speeds and speed changes. Additionally, that is the time to work on the fundamentals, along with waiting for the ball, good timing, rhythm and balance, and bat control.

Indispensable batting practice tips

With that plan in place, the following are some methods to put in place to help hitters rock batting practice.
Players with a coaches help should:

  • Recall their recent in-game- at-bats before batting practice to get an idea of what to work on. Think opposites at first, if too many ground balls work on lifting the ball and vice versa.
  • Instead of hitting the ball as far as can, work on waiting for the ball, good timing, rhythm and balance, and bat control.
    Ask the coach throwing batting practice to give you as many pitches as possible in the area you are weakest at.
  • Give extra attention to the batting practice pitchers release point, along with tracking the ball the whole way to contact. Watch ball to contact r beyond when don’t swing.
  • Only swing at strikes as if it is a game. Yell out “ball” to self the second you realize it’s not a strike.
    Feel a sense of accomplishment even when not hitting the ball that well, because you adhered to all of the above points.
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