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 Baseball Coaching Tips to Help Players Feel Successful

Most baseball players will not be successful. That should not make them failures, if baseball coaches do their jobs.

There is no better motivator than success. When baseball players are successful, it is easy to want to go to practice and work hard, which generally leads to more success. That is the best possible scenario for coaches; to have players that want to practice.

As mentioned, the problem is that baseball success is very difficult, with very few having that success. Most ballplayers make more outs than hits and most young players never play into their high school years. Additionally, even very good ballplayers slump and have off years. With that scenario, one would think most players do not want to practice and are failures.

That does not have to be so, because good coaches make players feel successful, no matter their statistics. Players, who feel successful, have the same motivation as successful players and develop the same desire to practice.

 Baseball Coaching Tips that Motivate

Good Coaches should:


  1. Inform players from day one that your only expectation is that they play hard and improve as the season moves on
  2. Forget statistics – let players know that individual statistics will not be kept, as they do not measure improvement, which should be their only goal
  3. Recognize that improvement and point it out to players, no matter how small it may be
  4. Remind players that long-range goals, i.e. playing high school baseball, is more important than leading the team in hitting, etc…
  5. Remind players of the difficulty of sport and that their hard work pays off
  6. Recognize players and treat them with respect, no matter how little they contribute to the team

Of course, even though last on the list, recognizing players as people besides athletes, is the best thing coaches can do to motivate players. Treating players with respect shows them they are more than what they can do on the ball field and most kids return that respect with hard work. At the least, making players feel successful buys extra time needed to give them a chance to turn their careers around.

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